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Headteacher's Blog

20th Sep 2017

The new Chicken and Rabbit Care Team are already doing a fantastic job of looking after our school animals. They have been presented with special badges in assembly and are beginning to think about taking on a mentor role to new apprenticesin Autumn 2.

11th Jul 2017

Everyone was blown away with the talent on display at this year's long awaited Wesley's Got Talent! 

Well done to all those who got involved! 

11th Jul 2017

Well done to all the talented sports people at Wesley! The award night showed just how hard children have worked to make Wesley a sporting success story. Congratulations to the children who won awards and thanks to all those who have participated in sports over the year. Have a browse of the pictures from what was a great evening of celebration and entertainment! 

29th May 2017

The auditions are complete. The wildcards have been chosen. The live show hits the stage Friday 30th June.

17th May 2017

Please find attached Wesley's Mobile Phone Policy.

17th Mar 2017

On Thursday 16th of March the Chicken Care Team and the Reception children celebrated the chicken's first birthday.

The chickens enjoyed being cuddled, fed grapes and being presented with their own birthday cake.

18th Dec 2016

During a school council meeting the children noted that more people would like to be involved with the Chicken and Rabbit Care Team.

Having six very responsible and experienced yr6 members already the team decided on a six week apprentice scheme.

Letters were handed out to KS2 on Monday by our school council Chairman with a deadline of Friday 16th December.

On Friday lunchtime the team spent their session deciding on the first six apprentices. Each apprentice will have a mentor who will work alongside them for the six week period. Every week they will tackle one of the six areas the Care Team have to look after and will rotate until they have completed a week on each task.

The first six apprentices will be announced on Monday 19th December and will begin their new responsibilities at lunchtime.

18th Dec 2016

On Friday Santa decided to deliver some early Christmas presents to our school pets.

The rabbits enjoyed a fun run around in the classroom and had three tasty presents to open. Santa brought them rabbit sweet corn, and some carrot and strawberry nibble sticks. Big bugs was so excited by the smell of his present and he had opened the side of one of them before the children could help him.

The chickens also enjoyed a wander around the Foundation Unit and were particularly interested in William's Christmas jumper. Santa brought the ladies some sweet corn, sprouts and a new mirror with a bell. The sprouts and mirror were not appreciated straight away but the sweet corn was a definite winner with the chickens then deciding to ignore the children for such a delicious treat!